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Colin VANCE, Ph.D. Economics, Clark. 2000. Land-Use Change, Deforestation, and Peasant Farm Systems: A Case Study of Mexico's Southern Yucatán Peninsular Region (NASA SYPR). Staff Member, RWI Essen

Peter KLEPEIS, Ph.D. Geography, Clark. 2000. Deforesting the Once Deforested: Integrated Land History of the Southern Yucatan Peninsular Region (NASA SYPR). Assoc. Prof. Geography, Colgate University.

Eric KEYS, Ph.D. Geography, Clark. 2002. Chile Production and Land Change, Southern Yucatan (GR Fulbright Fellowship/IAI Fellow/NSF doctoral grant [Americas-INT +Geog.]). Asst. Prof., Geography, University of Florida.

Steven MANSON, Ph.D. Geography, Clark. 2002. Integrated Assessment and Projection of Land-Use and Land-Cover in the Southern Yucatán Peninsular Region of Mexico (NSF [Dec. Sci. + Geog.] grant/NASA Fellowship). Asst. Prof., Geography, University of Minnesota.

Rinku ROY CHOWDHURY, Ph.D. Geography, Clark. 2003. Landscape Dynamics and Land-Use Change, Southern Yucatan (NSF grant/NASA Fellowship/Horton-Hallowell Fellowship). Asst. Prof., Geography, University of Miami.

Laura SCHNEIDER, PhD. Geography, Clark, 2004. Land Use and Invasive Species in Southern Mexico (NSF-CMU and NASA SYPR). Asst. Prof., Geography, Rutgers University.

Claudia RADEL, Ph.D., Geography, Clark, 2005. Women's Participation in Conservation Projects in the Southern Yucatan Peninsula: Effects on Land Control, Farming Practices, and Women's Empowerment (NSF Fellowship/Fulbright-Hays Fellow/NSF Diss. grant) Asst. Prof., Utah State University

Chris BUSCH, Ph.D., Agricultural and Resource Economics, U.C. Berkeley, 2006. Deforestation in the Southern Yucatan: Recent trends, their causes, and policy implications. (GCEP-DOE and UCMEXUS)

Ximena RUEDA, Ph.D., Geography, Clark, 2007. Landscapes in transition: Conservation, Structural Adjustment, and Land-Use Change in the Southern Yucatan. (USAID Colombia)

Birgit SCHMOOK [in prep., Geography, Clark] Household life cycles, government policy, intensification strategies and international migration: impacts on land change in the southern Yucatan. (ECOSUR)

Rebecca PALMER [in prep., Geography, Clark] Secondary diversity; Evaluating remote sensing techniques for the discrimination of secondary forests and their ecosystem services. (NASA ESS Fellowship)

Rishiraj DAS [in prep., Environmental Science, U. Virginia] Shifting balance between inputs and outputs of phosphorous in secondary forest.


Larrisa Read M.S. Environmental Science, U. Virginia, 2001. Recovery from shifting cultivation in the secondary dry tropical forests of the Southern Yucatan: Dynamics of litter nutrients and forest biomass. (Intermountain Support Office, Natural Resources, Research, & Technology, National Park Service, Lakewood, CO.)

Lucy Diekmann M.S. Environmental Science, U. Virginia, 2004. Soil Nutrient Dynamics during Shifting Cultivation in Campeche, Mexico.

James Eaton M.S. Environmental Science, U. Virginia, 2005. Woody Debris and the Carbon Budget of Secondary Forests in the Southern Yucatán Peninsular Region.

Erika C. Pérez M.S. Biological Sciences, National Autonomous University of Mexico, 2005. Structure, biomass and dynamics of mid statured forests along a rainfall gradient in the Southern Yucatan Peninsula. (Note: in Spanish)

Nicholas Malizia M.A. Geography, Clark, 2006. Examining interannual vartiation of deciduousness in the seasonally dry tropical forests of the southern Yucatan using MODIS data. (GISc Analyst, Neighborhood Scout.com)

Fernando Tun M.S. Natural Resources and Rural Development, ECOSUR, 2007. Seasonality of selva baja inundable: a remote sensing analysis. (Note: .pdf in Spanish)

Marcia Delonge M.S. Environmental Science, U. Virginia, 2007. Hydrologically-Influenced Feedbacks between Phosphorus and Vegetation in Dry Tropical Forests.

Jennifer Irving [in prep., Environmental Science, U. Virginia] Effects of chile and maize on carbon and nutrient stocks: the roole of land use history.

Tijl Anton Essens. MSc. thesis. Wareningen University, Chairgroup Ecology and Forest Management, The Netherlands. Changes in tree and caterpillar communities in secondary forest.